Forget car washes, selling candy, secular book fairs,  putting the squeeze on parents or relatives, etc...All of our products may be used on a CONSIGNMENT basis for fundraising!

     We provide SPECIAL LOW PRICING so you can re-sell items from our store and warehouse and make a good profit! There is NO UP FRONT COST.

We agree on certain pricing that we need to get, and anything over that you or your organization get to keep!

Also, we have an online store at ...

   We can provide a code for your church, ministry, or organization to use for a % of profit kickback!

    We can also work with you to have special days at the store and warehouse when a % of sales can be credited to your organization! 

It's that simple! 

Attention Ministries, Churches,  Schools & Businessperson...

Call Scott at 951-691-0502 for more details.

Easily raise money for that retreat, ministry, function, or special need!