Pastor Bruce Dowell from Shiloh Messianic Congregation (In Kalamesa and Crestline) 

     Bruce began his ministry during the Jesus Movement through Calvary Chapel. He pastored a Vineyard congregation for many years before having a spiritual awakening (He calls it "Being born again, again!") into the Messianic/One New Man movement.

Come join us as we explore our Hebraic Roots and get to know

The LORD (YHVH) in a more intimate way.

The Scriptures come to life!  

Messianic Bible Teaching on YouTube:

  "My people perish for lack of knowledge, because you have forgotten the Law of your God."

    Join us on youtube TORAH TRUTH FOR TODAY as we explore our Biblically Jewish Roots! 

    The Scriptures come to life in a fresh way as we seek to get back to a more accurate, Messianic Jewish perspective!

   -Pastor Ray Bentley-Maranatha Chapel

 -119 Ministries

 -Passion For Truth

 -Dr. Michael Brown 


Messianic Bible Studies in Temecula